Open House

When pups are about 5 weeks old, we hold an open house for everyone who has paid a deposit for a pup in that specific litter.

It is always held outside weather permitting so wear old clothes and dress accordingly.

You are welcome to bring your camera and take pictures of the pups.

No dangly jewelry, earrings, necklaces… Pups love to jump and bite anything they can reach when you bend over them.

We will schedule the weekend we are going to have open house and inform you as soon as we know that weekend.

Once we schedule in the weekend we will then schedule in the time you may come and see pups. Due to the Covid 19 we will schedule each family at a separate time from everyone else.

When you come you may play with all the pups but NO ONE will be allowed to pick up a pup and stand or walk with it. All handling of pups will be done sitting down. If you want a specific pup in your lap to cuddle, just let us know and we will get that pup for you.

At this time we are not letting anyone into the house or the kennel. Should you wish to meet any of the other dogs at this time let us know and we will get that dog for you to see.

When you come to open house we ask that you please not be near any other breeders prior to coming here. There is always the risk of tracking in germs from another breeder that our pups may not have been exposed to. Limiting the exposure of germs helps them grow older and stronger before they are exposed to a germ that may make them sick. All breeders have different germs so we try to insure that our pups can handle what may live here first.