Miss Nestle Quick of Swanzey

6/96 – 7/11/08

Nessie loved all pups and was always there to help any novice with babies.  She patrolled the yard keeping it free of all trespassers, mostly the 4-legged ones.  She was the official greeter, anxious to meet everyone who came in the yard. 

She was the defender of the bed, mostly making sure that her half of the bed was in the middle; the guardian of the bath tub, always there beside the tub to watch over all who were bathing. The bodyguard, who always entered the house first and ran through all the rooms to check everything out for the kids before they entered; the couch potato, who, in her later years, stretched out and took up as much room as possible.  The companion, who would sit peacefully by your side, just happy to be with you.  The nanny, who helped raise three 2-legged children, always in the yard with them and always ready to listen to anyone’s bad day at school, work or wherever.  Always at someone’s side.

Nessie, you will be in our hearts forever. No one will ever replace you.