Celtia At Last


Ganderhill Laird of Celtia x Brookstone Leap of Faith at Celtia
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Etta is named for my dad, the musician's love of his life (besides my mom) -- the very talented Miss Etta James. She is from Fiona’s first litter and our boy Connor, the sweetest boy that ever lived.

Like her namesake, Etta is very talented. She knew on the first try to retrieve the ball and drop it at my feet. There has been no game of "catch me mom!" She knew when I threw that first ball that the only way to keep the game going was to bring it back so I could throw it for her again.

She is a pistol to live with -- always happy and ready to please. She is a lot like Fiona. She is very social and loves everyone that she meets. She and Raine are constant companions.

Etta “dances” beside me every night when we take our nightly walk to the pond. She loves to swim. We have high hopes and dreams for Etta.

OFA Hips Good; OFA Elbows Normal/Clear; EIC Clear; Cardiac Auscultation Clear