Brookstone Celtia All that Glitters


Brookstone Grandvista Katmandu x Brookstone Tickle My Fancy CGC

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Growing up with only black and chocolate labs, my daughter Cassie had always wanted a yellow lab. When Sue Ketcham of Brookstone Labradors offered Flash to her, it was clearly understood that this would be Cassie's dog.

Flash lives up to her name, she truly glitters. She loves to swim and retrieve to her heart's desire and doesn't let anything happen without her - she's always there in a flash! She loves everyone but is truly fascinated with the local wildlife (bunnies, squirrels and turkeys) so much so that she is compelled to take chase.

Flash lives with us and is co-owned by my daughter Cassie, Sue Ketcham and myself. We are thrilled to have her here.

Flash and Cassie are training for rally and and we will also train her for the conformation ring. We have high hopes for this girl in both the rally and the conformation rings.  Watch for Flash and Cassie this fall!

OFA Hips Excellent, OFA Elbows Normal; PRA Clear; RD/OSD Clear;
CNM Clear; EIC Clear; HNPK Clear; DM Clear; SD2 Clear; Dilute Clear