Celtia Brookstone Blue Nile


Tonmar's Castle Move to Brookstone x Brookstone Raindance at Celtia

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Nile is easy-going and never does anything wrong! She can often be found with her best buddy Bridget as the two of them chase each other around.

Nile is the image of her mother Raine in both looks and temperament. She loves a routine and once trained to a schedule she follows it exactly. She is still a little leary of the water, but we are working on correcting that so that she can join the rest of the crew in the summer water games.

Nile is co-bred with our friend Sue Ketcham of Brookstone Labradors.

PRA Non-affected Carrier, CNM Clear, DM clear, HNPK Clear, SD2 Clear, RD/OSD Clear, Dilute Clear, Cardiac Echo Clear, Macular Corneal Dystrophy Clear, Copper Toxicosis (ATP7A Carrie; ATP7B Dlear), Coat Color BC (black carrying chocolate)